The competition centre, Lindbäcks ski stadium, will be signposted from Piteå Havsbad. For information about travel distance and locations please refer to the overview maps.



Parking is available at the arena. Please follow the instructions of the parking marshals. The distance from the parking to the competition arena is maximum 400m. Parking is free of charge.



Toilets are available at the arena and in the shower building. There will be no toilets at the start. Changing rooms with showers are available at the arena.



There is a small indoor restaurant at the Competition centre, it serves warm meals with a vegetarian option, hamburgers, coffee and more. Payment with cash or bank card. A simpler kiosk serving hamburgers, coffee and confectionary is located beside the spectator area by the finish. Cash payment only.



Number bibs are in the envelopes to be collected by competitors from the Competition Office upon arrival at the event. Please bring your own safety pins. Bibs should be worn at your left leg.



WMSOC 2019 will use SportIdent Air+ as punching system. Compatible SI cards, SIAC, have numbers 8 000 000 – 8 999 999. All entries without valid card numbers will be assigned a rental card by the organizer.

Rental cards will be in the envelopes to be collected by competitors from the Competition Office upon arrival at the event.

Please note that all competitors are responsible for checking the battery function of their SIAC card in the arena before going to the start. The battery test will be located close to the beginning of the taped route to the start.

A fee of 100€ will be charged if the card is lost or is not returned.



Punching is touchfree. Each control has two markers with a punching unit on each. Both punching units are active and it is up to the competitor to choose which to use. Competitiors should have their SIAC card attached to either their left or right hand or arm. The SIAC card needs to be within 50 cm of the punching unit for it to be registered.

The SIAC card will flash and give an audible ”peep” when a punch is registered. The rental cards supplied by the organisers have a 5 second flash. If the SIAC card does not flash or “peep”, the competitor should try punching at the other punching unit at the control point.

A control for checking SIAC card battery status will be available in the arena. Example controls will be available at the Model Event.



The organisers have not made any specific arrangements for storage of baggage during competition.



Clothes will be transported from the pre-start to the competition office at the arena after last start of the day.



The route to the start is signposted from the arena. It will be marked using orange/white tape.

Race  Distance to start  Route status 
Long 2000 meter Wide/narrow track
Middle 1 600 meter Wide track
Middle 2  2100 meter Wide track



A pre-start call-up will be made 8 minutes before the competitor’s actual start time. The SIAC card number will be checked at the start followed by clear, check and a test of the touch-free function. The maps will be handed out on the command ”maps” at 15 seconds to go. The start procedure is the same for all three competition days. The procedure is illustrated in the sketch below.



Refreshment points, water, will be available for classes W/M35-45 on the long distance race. There will be no refreshment points on either of the middle distance courses.



The maximum time is 3 hours for all courses.



Taping and track markings in the snow will show the way from the last control to the finish. There will be no punching at the finish line as the time will be registered automatically via a loop antenna. A photocell is used as a back-up system. After crossing the finish line, you will be directed to download. Competition maps should be handed in at the exit. Rental cards should be handed in after your final race.

Classes M65-M90 and W50-W85 have a remote finish for middle distance 2 on Sunday 24th March. This remote finish is approximately 1 km from the finish area at the arena. After finishing at the remote finish competitors should make their way, without time press, to the ordinary finish area at the arena for downloading and result registration. Directions and a taped route will show the way from the remote finish to the download point



Results will be published on IOF Eventor. Results in paper form will also be posted at the event arena. Final results for the middle distance are calculated from the combined total for the two middle distance races.



Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Competition Office at the latest 30 minutes after the last finisher in the class in which you are competing. Complaints can only be submitted by a competitor. The competition director will deal with the complaint and take a decision on the question. The person making the complaint will be informed of the decision. Complaints may be made free of charge.

Should the person making the complaint not be satisfied with the decision a protest may be submitted. Protests should be submitted in writing within 15 minutes of the complainant receiving notice of the original decision. Protests are dealt with by the jury. The fee for a protest is 50€. This fee will be repaid should the jury approve the protest.



To be announced later.



Competition Rules for International Orienteering Federation (IOF) Ski Orienteering Events; dated 1/11 2018.



  • A rest day has been included so the overall event is a day longer.
  • Official start lists will be published on 15th March while the rules say that they should be published together with this Bulletin.

It is not allowed to participate in more than one championship during the week, with these exceptions:

  • Participants from WMSOC and JWSOC may participate in the WSOC relay.
  • All participants in the WSOC relay must be registered as WSOC participants no later than 15:00 on 19 March 2019.
  • All participants in the WSOC relay must have a valid IOF athlete license.
  • WMSOC participants who are registered as WSOC participants must pay the accreditation fee, which includes the banquet.
  • Participation in both WMSOC middle 2 and WSOC relay is not allowed.

In the event of an athlete wishing to participate in more than one championship please send an email to about this.



Open courses for juniors up to 16 years old are offered alongside the WMSOC. Please refer to the Swedish Eventor website for more information:



”Nordmark adventure” and ”Keltamäki” will be on site during the week:
Nordenmark adventure – Map boards
Keltamäki – Waxes, ski poles, skis, gloves etc. In the arena from Wednesday 20th March. Cash payment only.



Piteå has a subarctic climate between the warm Gulf stream in the west and the continental mass to the east. It experiences relatively long and cold winters. In March the average temperature is -6°C with cold nights and warmer days.

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Average Temp (°C)   -3,7 -8,4 -11,3 -11,2 -6,0
Minimum average temp (°C) -7,0 -12,6 -15,9 -15,9 -11,0
Highest average temp (° C) -0,4 -4,2 -6,7 -6,4 1,0
Precipitation (mm)  54 43 37 28 29