WMSOC offers the following classes:
W35, M35, W40, M40, W45, M45, W50, M50, W55, M55, W60, M60, W65, M65, W70, M70, W75, M75, W80, M80, W85, M85

The event is open to anyone born in 1984 or earlier.
Medals are awarded in long distance and middle distance events.

Long distance: Single race with random start order.
Middle distance: The result is based on the sum of the times of the two middle distance races.
Winning time and course length according to the rules.



Late entries should be made in IOF Eventor, at the latest by midday on 20th March.

WMSOC Entry* Weekend entry** Withdrawal of entry***
1/2 2019 – 28/2 2019 180 € 140 € 40 €
1/3 2019 – 20/3 2019 210 € 170 € 70 €
Punching card:
SIAC (SportIdent ActiveCard) 10 € 10 €

*) Fee includes: Long distance, Middle distance 1 and Middle distance 2
**) Fee includes: Middle distance 1 and Middle distance 2
***) Administration fee to be retained in the case of withdrawal of entry



Requests for entry changes e.g. change of class, should be sent to:

Requests for entry changes will be accepted up until midday on 20th March.A fee of 20€ applies for all entry changes.

Late entries made after 15th March will be positioned into vacant slots in the start lists, two in each class, where the latest vacant slot is filled first. A possible third entry after that date in a class will start before the first official start of the competition.



The price categories given in the table above only apply if payments are received by the organisers at the latest by 23.59 on 28th February 2019. Payment for entries made from 1st March 2019 may be made at the event secretariat, cash in Euro (€). Entries are not valid until full payment is received.

Please note that all bank fees are to be paid by the person making the payment.

Account holder ÄIF orienteringsklubb
Address Kompanivägen 33, 97444 Luleå
IBAN SE86 8000 0826 4406 3156 6056
Bank address Landvägen 40, Sundbyberg, Sweden

Please remember to include details of the person/people who are making the payment and what the payment is for (entry fees, late entry fees, banquet). Please also include a note of the relevant entry registration number(s) from IOF Eventor.



Registration for WMSOC athletes is made in the Competition office at the Event center on Piteå Havsbad. Upon registration you pay any remaining entry or rental fees. Thereafter you receive your personal envelope, including number bibs, map for Model Event, latest version of this bulletin and possible SIAC rental card.



The rental cost is 10 € whether the athlete signs up for 3 or 2 days. The SIAC (SportIdent ActiveCard) punching card enables touchfree stamping.