A Model Event to give all competitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the terrain, track quality, control point construction, punching method, start procedure and finish will be arranged on Wednesday 20th March.

Location: LF Arena, Hembygdsvägen 11, is the starting point for the Model Event. Please refer to the overview map. From the LF Arena a 800 meter long connecting track leads to the mapped area.

Parking: Located beside the LF arena, the starting point for the Model Event.

Times: The model event will be manned according to the programme but the tracks and posts will be available all day.

Instructions: Please take your SIAC card, either your personal one or the rental card allocated to you by the organisers. At the assembly area, you will be able to test the SIAC card battery, clear and check before going through the start procedure and setting out on a simpler ski-o course. No time-taking or punching checks will be carried out.