Event centre and accommodation:
Piteå havsbad – GPS coordinates 65.234, 21.53383

Competition centre – Lindbäcksstadion
Lindbäcksstadion is the competition centre for all distances in WSOC/JWSOC/EYSOC and WMSOC. GPS coordinates 65.31537, 21.28901
Lindbäcksstadion is located approximately 20 km from the Event centre.

Model Event meeting point and training tracks – LF Arena
Meeting point – GPS coordinates 65.32332, 21.47734 – 1,5 km from the track
Model event arena and training tracks – GPS coordinates 65.33398, 21.45023

Training tracks – Piteå Furuberget
GPS coordinates 65.29568, 21.50322

Opening ceremony – Piteå City centre
GPS coordinates 65.31713, 21.47965

Reserve arena:
Prästberget, Arvidsjaur
GPS-coordinates: 65.586401, 19.152570
The reserve arena is located approximately 130 km west of Piteå.




Svensbyn is a lively rural community situated approximately 15 km outside Piteå town centre and approximately 13 km from Pite Havsbad. A stone’s throw away is Lindbäcksstadion, a strategically important ski- and winter sports facility for the residents of Piteå as well as the local tourist industry. Significant plans are underway to further develop the facilities in a collaboration between Piteå district council, industry and local organisations.

At Lindbäcksstadion there is a downhill ski-slope with three separate runs and a fun/snowpark. There is also a biathlon range with 20 targets and an indoor ski tunnel which is planned to be the world’s longest.

The track system for cross-country skiing has been developed for both everyday use and competitions. A number of the competition tracks are homologised according to FIS specifications. A 3 km asphalt roller-ski track and a separate artificial snow-making facility for both downhill and cross-country are available and a new competition office as well as a 500 m2, two-floor building housing waxing facilities have recently been added. The development of the ski stadium area has meant that we have a facility unique in Sweden in that spectators can follow the competitors during races.

Several cross-country ski events at national and international level have been held at Vallsberget, now called Lindbäcksstadion, all of which have been well attended. The Swedish national cross-country ski championships have been held here in 1978, 1999, 2010 and 2016. The Swedish relay championships in 1999 attracted almost 15 000 visitors and, as with the Swedish championships in 2010 and 2016, were broadcast live on national television.